12 Years!

Halloween 2020

Yeah, you read it right, it’s time for your annual Rage News! Here is where I cut and paste last year’s news, and update it a little because almost nothing happened in one year! OK, just kidding. Almost. So, as always, let’s see what’s happening on the Rage Front!

Alex Nascimento has drawn and inked half of the pages of Rage #6. The colors are next, and will depend on Dijjo Lima’s planning, but I’m pretty sure they won’t be long in coming.

Worlds of Rage #7 is almost finished. Only three Serena pages left from Stéphane Degardin, and then I’ll order a cover to Yonami, and finish lettering it.

I released a new compilation available only at Amazon. It’s called Arcana and contains the first six chapters of the Arcana Series, one of the series available digitally in Worlds of Rage. I’ll release a similar Serena compilation as soon as there’s enough material.

And there’s also a book in the making! A real one, this time. It will be an interactive adventure book, featuring all the Rage characters introduced so far, and a lot more! The story will take place right after Rage #6, and you’ll understand when you read it why it could only be written as an Interactive Adventure Book. My first idea was to make it an RPG, but like the Rage Card Game at the time, I thought about all my readers who don’t quite like playing RPGs, and will need to know what happens in between Rage #6 & #7. Making it first an IAB, and then adapting the story into an RPG was the best solution. I’ll tell you more about it when Rage #6 is out.

On to the Rage Website! As a few of you might have noticed, there is now a new menu called Rage Universe, with only one entry for now : Rage Timeline. I began working on the timeline roughly at the same time that I worked on the book. At first, it was a personal project supposed to help me write, but when I finished the timeline, I realized the Rage stories were so rich that I had to make it a feature of the Rage Website. Then, I began working on Character files, Settings, etc. and it became the premise for something more, so other features are coming, and probably a series of books too! The Rage Timeline will be regularly updated along with the publication of each new story occurring in the Rage Universe. Needless to say the Rage Timeline is spoiler-free for those who have read every published books so far, and spoilers-heavy for those who didn’t, so read it at your own risk. Expect more news about this project as I write more pages.

And what’s next? More collectors and more books! I’m spending my free time recreating all my existing books in Affinity Publisher. As soon as it’s done, I’ll work on more books. I’ll tell you all about it when we get there.

As soon as I receive my new Mac mini M1, I’m also going to try myself at Swift App development for macOS, iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch, and see if I can manage to create a Rage-related App. Creating a new book App wouldn’t seem a good idea, since it would be rejected by the App Store team, but developing a Rage Library or a new version of the card game isn’t out of the question. I’ll keep you posted as I go along.

See you on Christmas!

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