Carlos Paul

Rage Compilation 2 Cover

Dynamite Entertainment’s Artist Carlos Paul, who also happens to be Alex Nascimento’s teacher, is the penciler of the Rage Compilation 2 Cover! When Alex Nascimento told me Carlos wanted to do a Rage cover, I immediately said “Yes”. At first, the image was planned to be a Rage Cover. Then, it became a double-page spread, so I thought about making it a Rage Compilation cover. And then I saw it finished, with inks by Alex Nascimento, and colors by Dijjo Lima, and I just had to make it a poster too! And of course, I had to make it the first in a line of Rage Posters! Which means you can expect more high profile artists like Carlos to work on Rage images!

I’m trying to keep tracks of all the Rage Artists, but it’s not always easy. Luckily, many publishers are updating regularly their Author Pages. Here they are in a little gallery:

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