Ariane Bust

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The Rage Museum collection was born from an encounter with Johann Galliano at the Compagnie des Trolls booth, at the 2015 Nice Fiction Convention, in Nice, France. As he seemed to particularly like Ariane, one of the main characters of the Rage Series (he particularly liked her forms and the way she dresses, to be precise), I said “OK! Let’s go for a bust! But don’t forget to show at least part of her butt too! I put my statues on a shelf with a mirror! It’ll look great !” Well, to be frank, I don’t remember which one of us got the idea first, but we seem to have the same kind of ideas about busts.

As soon as the Ariane bust is finished, it will be part of a new Kickstarter project. I’ll keep you posted about it. Meanwhile, here is a photo of the Ariane Bust in the making. And I even added a gallery!

Création du buste d'Ariane par Johann Galliano
Création du buste d’Ariane par Johann Galliano

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