Joseph Carro

As a few of you know, I also work as an English-To-French translator, but as I am a French native, there are always some discrepancies in my dialogs (like in this website for example, which hasn’t been proofread). I remember at some point, in the Rage Bane of Demons dialogs, writing “I will wrestle from you the power of Rage”, then asking myself “wait… “wrestle”?!”, and replacing it by “wrest”. This time, I managed to spot the error by myself, but what about the errors I didn’t spot? This is why I asked the Rage Bane of Demons letterer, Steve Wands to correct my mistakes as he was lettering the very first Rage Graphic Novel, and the cancelled series Rage Card Game. Then, as Steve wasn’t available anymore for the Rage Series, I needed a new American/English-Native proofreader. Enter Joseph Carro, my new english specialist! If the dialogs sound good in Rage #1, Rage #2, and Worlds of Rage #1, it’s thanks to Joseph. And Joseph isn’t only the Official Rage Proofreader as well as a credible Obi-Wan Kenobi. Actually, I’ll let him tell you about all his other activities in his blog!

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