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The Rage Extreme Collection was born from a conversation with Jean-Erick from Republiq’Arts in Hyères, France. We were talking about the Rage Project and the Rage Metal collection I was working on with Maxime Macchi at the time, and Jean-Erick told me he could also make a statue. This was in 2015, and Jean-Erick still hasn’t gotten around to finish it yet, but he’s still on it. You can tell by looking at the gallery, that this statue is going to look pretty hardcore, so I created a new collection especially for these kind of projects. Here are photos of Jean-Erick at work on the statue and an article in Var Matin Hyères, with both of us and the half-finished statue. You can check in the gallery the progression of the statue, from start to finish.

Jean-Erick creating the Rage Statue
Jean-Erick creating the Rage Statue
La Culture Comics en héroïne à Républiq'Arts
La Culture Comics en héroïne à Républiq’Arts

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