The Second Night

On the First Night, a werewolf Demi-God contaminated a group of soldiers in Neril Valley. They all changed into werewolves. Then, a sorcerer enhanced their powers, making them nigh unstoppable, and sicced them against a small group of adventurers. The pack was scattered all over the valley, toward the neighboring towns and villages. The situation was grim, but there was still some hope. The sun was setting, and the full moon was over. Still, there was reason to worry. In this region of Arthkan, werewolves don’t need the moon to be full to change at night. They change every night.

Aaron Grimwind, the only soldier of the group not contaminated by the werewolf virus, made it his mission to find his fellow soldiers, and kill them all during the day. But the infected soldiers were too far apart, and a day wouldn’t have been enough to hunt every one of them.

Joined by a group of warriors and heroes, Aaron, the soldier without an army, attempted to gather as many men and silver weapons as he could find. Whatever the cost.

Then came the Second Night.

An Adventure in which you are the Hero

The Second Night is a Gamebook, an Adventure in which you are the Hero. Several heroes actually, since the way the book is written allows you to incarnate many characters of the Rage Universe.

This book is following on the events of Rage #6 and crossing over with the events of the Serena Series in Worlds of Rage.

This page will be updated after the launch of Rage #6. Stay tuned!

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