2018-04 - Rage au French Geek Universe 5
GeckOo at the French Geek Universe (the one on the left)

I met GeckOo when I was in my twenties, at a comics & video games shop called Consoles Club, in Toulon, France. At the time, GeckOo needed to create his own comics anthology, and asked me if I knew artists he could contact. I said “Yeah! Me! I’m a writer!”. I had to add something like “No, really! I can show you what I do!” for him to stop smiling and actually believe me, and that’s what I did. At the time, I had only begun to write, but had already created a 4 pages story with a french penciler, that we had sent as part of a graphic novel project to several publishers to no avail. As this project was finished, I could safely show it to GeckOo. This was mostly a SF story, and GeckOo told me he couldn’t use it, because what he needed was a Super-Hero story, so I said “OK, tell me what you need, and I’ll write it.” And guess what?! He told me what he needed and I wrote it. The title of the series was Firefist (yeah, stop laughing, okay?) and the penciler was Denis Lapierre. We finished a few 10 pages issues if I remember well. GeckOo also ordered a second series, since the comic book was set to be an anthology, and that’s how I began to work with Serena’s penciler Stéphane Degardin. Then Consoles Club had to close shop, and the project went away with it, before we had a chance to release a first issue. And we both went our way.

Then many years later, we met again. This time, I was at my booth at the Hero Festival, in France, trying to sell my Rage Graphic Novel (and doing a pretty good job of it, since the sales are always good at the Hero Festival), and GeckOo was a visitor. He told me about this new project of his about super-heroes in Marseille (The French town. Not the other one with an S), which was first to be a line of T-shirts, and then an anthology series. And of course, at some point, we worked together again on the new anthology series. I helped a little with the first issue, and worked on a full script for the second issue… but only the first issue came out. Which is too bad, because since its theme was super-heroes from Marseille instead of some barbarians and magicians in an imaginary land, his project was a lot more popular than mine.

While working with so many artists, GeckOo discovered that he had a talent for drawing too, and began to create Vector Art of many existing heroes in his own personal style! His stylized version of Rage is one of his best pieces, and I wish him the best of luck with his other projects!

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