Worlds of Rage #10

Worlds of Rage #10 Digital Cover US

Here comes the tenth issue of Worlds of Rage, with Serena, by Eric Peyron and Stéphane Degardin, Arcana, by Eric PeyronYonami and Walmir Archanjo, and Curse of the Panthermen, by Eric Peyron and Stéphane Degardin!

A lot is happening behind the scenes in the Rage Universe, and many stories are still left to be told. Most of these stories will be told in Worlds of Rage.

• Serena: Serena, priestess of Axliom has been sent on a mission to bring the relics of the Hand of Saint Maximilian to a faraway temple in the gonthor mountains. But these relics seem to be coveted by very dangerous people, and mercenaries have been hired to steal it. What they don’t know is that there are more than one Serena, and that Only one of them is supposed to carry the relics. or is she? The truth continue to unfold in this chapter!

• Arcana: What really happened in the Fortress of Kahel? How did it end up a nest of demons, with an Hell’s Pit in the dungeons? How did Master Demon Torg become its new lord and master? Well, as in this issue’s chapter of Serena, it’s Answers Time in Arcana too! 
while Brann is looking for aelwen, torg is slaughtering the soldiers guarding the fortress of kahel. Will Brann arrive on time, or is it too late for Aelwen and her suite? Find out in this chapter!

• The Rage Universe isn’t limited to the European Kingdom of Arthkan. Events are beginning to unfold in Kusha, the African continent of the Rage Universe, which will ultimately have an impact on the Rage Series. The origin of these events will be told in the very first Rage Strip, Curse of the Panthermen, and it all begins in a tunnel, in the diamond mines of the Bathu City. M’jala, Bwerani and Hokwui are slaves working in the mines. Outside of the mines are a little group of mercenaries led by chief Gakere, and waiting for sorcerer Asukile’s green light to take the mine. After an accident which set them free, Hokwui, possessed by Asukile, becomes the leader of a group of rebel slaves, while M’jala and Bwerani flee in the tunnels. The rebels are losing, and Gakere is angry. He needs the guards to die, and the slaves to stay in the mines. So now, Asukile is speeding up the next part of his plan. For this part, he will need a spell. And for the spell, he will need sacrifices. But one of the sacrifices isn’t going to make this easy…

• Discover more Black and White and Color pages of Rage Bane of Demons, the original Rage Graphic Novel, in the Bonus Pages section!

This issue is a digital exclusive, and will be sent to select digital publishers. Each series will be compiled into printed books when there will be enough material.

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