Worlds of Rage #2

Still alive and kicking, Worlds of Rage has at last a second issue! You’ll find in it the second chapter of Serena, a story written by Eric Peyron, with Art  by Stéphane Degardin, the first chapter of Arcana, written by Eric Peyron, with pencils by Yonami, inks by Emanuel Braga, and colors by Thiago Kufa, and the second part of the very first Rage Strip, Curse of the Panthermen, written by Eric Peyron, with Art by Stéphane Degardin.

• A lot is happening behind the scenes in the Rage Universe, and many stories are still left to be told. Most of these stories will be told in Worlds of Rage.

Serena is the tale of a young priestess of Axliom, God of Nature and Plants, who has been sent on a secret mission by her temple. Travelling in the Arthkanian forests surrounding the village of Trall, Serena is going to face more than her fair share of dangers. In this second chapter, she will meet Orin, right-hand man of the Baron of Mendor.

Arcana: While High Mage Nicodemus was looking for Rage in Dark God Mountain, four powerful lords were making plans to take over King Kothas’ throne. Charged with recruiting powerful people as allies in this venture, Brann of Dubrios has discovered something ominous for these four characters, who then summoned Seer Khain Alhazred to discover the new dangers they’re facing.

• The Rage Universe isn’t limited to the European Kingdom of Arthkan. Events are beginning to unfold in Kusha, the African continent of the Rage Universe, which will ultimately have an impact on the Rage Series. The origin of these events will be told in the very first Rage Strip, Curse of the Panthermen, and it all begins in a tunnel, in the diamond mines of the Bathu City. After the accidental death of one of their guards, three slaves are set on a path to liberty.

And as a bonus, beginning this issue, discover the original script of the first six pages of Rage Bane of Demons, as well as the Black and White and Color versions of each page, in the Bonus Pages section!

This issue is a digital exclusive, and will be sent to select digital publishers. Each series will be compiled into printed books when there will be enough material.

Here are all the publishers of this issue in alphabetical order! Just hover on each icons to display their names, and click to display the corresponding Page!

Worlds of Rage in Public Libraries

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