Trevor Esposito

Rage #1 US

Steve Wands did a pretty good job at lettering Rage Bane of Demons, but when I launched the Rage Series, Steve had no time on his hands anymore. So for Rage #1, I called Trevor Esposito who did a very fine job too. The problem is Trevor didn’t seem to have much time on his hands either, so the lettering part took longer than expected. I am not quite sure why he took the job in the first place, because I have been talking to him only through his agent the whole time. The processing of the final EPS files wasn’t easy either, since at the time, I was converting the Rage image files from Adobe Photoshop to Affinity Photo, and from Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer. I even came to think there was a problem with the final files until I discovered that I had to export it first from Illustrator before opening it into Affinity… huh… OK, I digress.

Fact is I havent found anything about Trevor on the Internet, so I can’t post a gallery of what he’s currently working on here, nor any photos. So you have the cover of Rage #1 instead, which is a pretty cool cover by drawn by Alex Nascimento and colored by Stéphane Degardin. I’ll update this page as soon as I have more material to share.

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