Rage Bane of Demons Director’s Cut

Rage Bane of Demons Director's Cut

Here’s the Director’s Cut version of Rage Bane of Demons with original uncensored pages painted by Thony Silas!

This version was originally featured as a hidden bonus in the Rage iTunes Store App, and obviously won’t be in the App Store again under this form. The uncensored scenes are not much, really. You just have to watch Conan The Barbarian and Conan The Barbarian 3D to have an example of the scenes to be expected, and these movies are only R-rated.

Why an uncensored version, you ask? Well, the right question would be Why a censored version? Actually, the first version of Rage Bane of Demons I wrote was the uncensored version. It was intended for publication as a French Graphic Novel at the time, and you can get away with a lot more in France when writing in this format. In a French Graphic Novel, we can show more nude scenes than in American code-approved comics, for example.

When I began to think about online pre-publication for this very first Graphic Novel, it occurred to me that it would have to be for everyone to see, whatever the country they live in, so I just had to tone the story down. This in turn gave me the idea to create two versions of the book, one politically incorrect version for all of you under 18, and one politically incorrect version with more spicy scenes for an 18+ public. Well, that said, 18+ is relative. Personally, I would say 13+ for both versions, but you never know what’s acceptable in every country, or in every state even, so…

Now, while the book was in production, Thony asked me how he should differentiate the two versions. Should he just add shadows on the pages of the censored version? How should he tone things down? I thought about ways to hide things, but didn’t come up with any graphically interesting idea, so I just asked him to create different pages. One page has been replaced by another, and another page has been replaced by a double-page spread, but the dialogs stay the same. So, we have two different takes on the same story.

And as always, I managed to publish Rage Bane of Demons Director’s Cut almost everywhere digital comics are sold! Here they are in alphabetical order! Just hover on each icons to display their names, and click to display the Rage Bane of Demons Director’s Cut Page in the corresponding store!

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The Amazon button above will lead you to the book’s page at Amazon US, but if you don’t live in the US, you can order it at the Amazon Store of your country. The Kindle version is offered for free to every buyer of the printed version on Amazon! Here are the links so far: Amazon AU, Amazon CA, Amazon DE, Amazon ES, Amazon FR, Amazon IT, Amazon JP, Amazon UK, Amazon US.


Of course, if Rage is in print at Amazon, it’s on the Kindle too! You can find the digital version of Rage Bane of Demons at the Amazon Store of your country. Here are the links so far: Amazon AU, Amazon BR, Amazon CA, Amazon DE, Amazon ES, Amazon FR, Amazon IN, Amazon IT, Amazon JP, Amazon MX, Amazon NL, Amazon UK, Amazon US.

Rage in Public Libraries

Nextory being the provider of its digital library for many public and private organisms in France, most notably Public Libraries, you will find below a list of those who offer this issue, in alphabetical order.

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