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Rage iOS App - Final

The Rage iOS App is no longer on the iTunes Store. It will reappear under another form, when I’ll have the time to restart its entire development from scratch. Meanwhile, this page stays in the Archive Section. Here is the little speech I wrote at the time it was available.

Here is a video of the Rage, Bane of Demons App, an universal App compatible with iPhone and iPad! There are two different versions of the pages, one for the iPad with normal-size balloons, and one for the iPhone/iPod touch with bigger balloons. The above video will be updated with the next App update.

• The Home screen is the main interface of the App, with several buttons leading to different sections of the App. In most sections, you can touch the center of the screen to display a quick help, that will help you familiarize yourself with the interface and know where the invisible buttons are.

• To read the Rage Bane of Demons Graphic Novel, touch right to go to the Title page, which will also contain a summary in the next Apps. Click the center to know where the invisible buttons are, and you’ll then be able to read the book very easily.

• Touch the top right to display a nifty Thumbnails Bar, displaying thumbnails of all 60+ pages of the book. Scroll the Thumbnails Bar with your finger. Touch any thumbnail to display the corresponding page. Touch again the top right or swipe down to hide the Thumbnails Bar.

• Touch the top of a page to activate my first try at a Making-of : Touch once to display the color page without balloons. Touch again to display the Black & White version of the page. Touch again to display the color page without balloons (yes, you see this page two times. It kinds of adds a loop effect). Touch again to display the original page with balloons. Note that you can go out of this loop at anytime by turning a page or returning to the Home Screen.

• And that’s not all. On your iPhone, reading full screen is fine in Portrait Mode, since the balloons are the right size. But you can also read it in a bigger format… just by putting your iPhone in landscape position, and scrolling the page with your finger.

• Still not big enough? Not to worry, you can zoom too. Just pinch in and out to zoom and navigate in the page as you wish.

• What of double-page spreads, you say? In Portrait Mode, double-page spreads are signaled by three little flashing grey arrows on the right side of the page. The arrows are just here to indicate that you can scroll through the page. And of course, in Landscape mode, double-page spreads are displayed in full screen.

• Still not enough? Now, there’s two versions of the book. One censored version and one uncensored version. And I managed to cram both versions in the App. Both versions have been implemented in the App and the App has been accepted by the iTunes Store Team for now. If it is rejected afterwards, I will simply erase the uncensored images, cancel the password button function, and resubmit the Censored version of the App only. But for now, the App is whole and in the iTunes Store, so I would advise you to buy it while you can.

• And here is how it works: Click the button on the upper left of the Home Screen to display a password field. Enter the password to access the Uncensored Interface. You only have to enter the password once. Afterward, you will just have to touch down, between the Rage Website title and the Glyphs productions title, to alternate between Censored and Uncensored interface. And if for any reason, you want to reset the password, just enter “reset” in the password field. This resets this password, and you will have to enter it again to access the uncensored version.

• And of course, you get the password for free. No reason to pay more just to have access to a few pages. You will find the password somewhere in an “Uncensored” section of the Rage Website (there’s only one for now). In the same spirit, I don’t plan to include iAds or In-App purchases to these apps. No subscription either. Neither will the pages of the paid Apps be stored somewhere on the Internet. Everything is in the App. You buy the whole package and you get to keep it.

• So now that I have a password field, what else could I do with it? Hey, I know! Let’s create a Special Features section. For starters, I have integrated a Portfolio section to the App. Enter the right password in the passord field and a new button will be displayed in the Home Interface. Click this button to access the Portfolio section, which has exactly the same features as the Book section. If you bought one of the Rage Portfolios, you will be given the password to access it. And if you haven’t bought it yet, you can order it here.

• Still not enough? Hey, why don’t I add a card game section, leading to a whole new story?! Touch the Card Game button in the Home interface, and play a game against new character Khain Alhazred to unlock new chapters of the prequel to the first story! And believe me, if you want your Rage Card Game story, you’re going to have to earn it! And if you’re not sure why you would want to know the whole story, check the preview here, drawn by talented new penciller Yonami (beware of spoilers, though)!

• OK, but what of the App’s price? Well, I made it cheap: For $3.99, you get the App with all these features! All 60+ pages of Graphic Novel, the Card Game and the comic that goes with it, the portfolio, and a lot more!

• And that’s not all! Huh… wait a minute… No, actually, that’s all. Until I think of something else.

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