Mistericol is the first penciler with whom I began the Rage graphic novel, nearly 30 years ago! At the time, I had sent the Rage Bane of Demon script to all the french publishers I knew, and it had been rejected by everyone, so I told myself something like “OK, maybe it’s because they haven’t seen a graphical version of it. After all, I am an avid comics reader, so I know for a fact that whatever the country, many writers are writing s***t, and are published anyway. I might not write as good as the best, but I obviously write better than the worst, so there’s no reason they couldn’t publish me too. Even if publishers don’t care about what’s written, there’s still a chance that they’ll like the penciller, and take the poor writer with him, as a bonus.” Well, maybe it wasn’t exactly what I thought at the time, but you can believe it was the idea. So Plan A was to submit Rage again to french comics publishers, and Plan B was to publish the book myself in case of rejection. I learned later how costly self-publishing was at the time, and gave up for 20 years, but that’s a story for another day. So, while working on the project, Mistericol drew three Rage characters studies… then changed his mind and went on to something else.

But that wasn’t the end of our collaboration. Afterwards, we worked on a RPG, then on a collectible card game with Stéphane Dollegeal. All these projects are in standby, but might still see the light of day. Mistericol is now a Tattoo Artist in Hyères, France, and has also been working for a time on his own Candymen Series. We met again some 30 years later, and he told me he wanted to work on Rage again. The Rage story we created became a Rage spinoff, featuring a new Rage-like character called Raijin. Mistericol drew many pages of this spinoff, which is still to be finished. You can read all about it in the Archive section of this site.

And the story doesn’t end here either, since Karma won’t leave us alone. We’re now both working on the Ninja Raskass story of the very first issue of Pastaga Cirkus! Mistericol’s Art is better and better, and each page is filled with action! Of course, I’ll keep you posted about this new project as soon as I have more news! Keep reading!

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