Alex Nascimento

Alex Nascimento has become the new official artist of the Rage Series since Issue #2, and he’s among the best ones yet! You can find out more about Alex by browsing this site (or even by buying one of the books he participated in, in the Rage #1 and Rage #2 sections), or by connecting to his Facebook page. So far, Alex has penciled and inked the cover of Rage #1, and penciled and inked the cover and story of Rage #2 & #3. And he isn’t finished with Rage yet, as we are in the process of producing Rage #4 right now!

I am trying to follow the work of all the artists who participated in the Rage project, and it’s not always easy. Luckily, many publishers are updating regularly their Author Pages. Here is a little gallery of what I could find about Alex Nascimento:

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