Welcome to the Rage Universe. This section is going to be huge… over time! So, we have only one entry for now : Rage Timeline. I began working on the timeline roughly at the same as I worked on the very first Rage Game Book. At first, it was a personal project supposed to help me write the book, but when I finished the timeline, I realized the Rage stories were so rich that I had to make it a feature of the Rage Website. Then, I began working on Character files, Settings, etc. and it became the premise for something more, so other features are coming, and probably a series of books too!

The Rage Universe will be regularly updated along with the publication of each new Rage story. Needless to say the Rage Timeline is spoiler-free for those who have read every published books so far, and spoilers-heavy for those who didn’t, so read it at your own risk!

Without further ado (though I wouldn’t mind an ado or two), here is the Rage Timeline!

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