RSS Feed

You can display the Rage News feed in your favorite RSS Reader, so I normally should just add an RSS button to this site with the feed’s address. Clicking this button would display a dialog asking if you want to open your default News Aggregator, and after you validate the dialog, the Rage News would be displayed in it.

But it doesn’t work that way in every browser… Google Chrome’s users for example, will see a new page with the code version of the feed, which isn’t very practical.

So if you’re using a different browser than Google Chrome, simply click this link.

If all goes well, you’ll see in your browser a dialog asking you if you want to open the feed in your default News Aggregator. Click OK, and it’s done!

If you’re using Google Chrome, first download and install this little Google Extension: RSS Subscription Extension (by Google). It will at least allow you to read RSS in one of the online RSS Readers, and to display correctly the RSS feed in Chrome. To subscribe to the RSS feed in your favorite RSS Reader App, just copy and paste the site’s US address ( or the US feed’s address ( into your RSS Reader App.

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