Worlds of Rage Compilation #1

Worlds of Rage is an anthology series with a too low page count to be printed at a reasonable price, so I made it a digital-only series. As I wanted printed edition of these issues to sell at conventions, I created a compilation of the first two issues, but a compilation of an anthology wasn’t that good an idea. Better to wait for World of Rage to be something like 10 issues old, and compile each series it features instead. Serena, Arcana & Curse of the Panthermen will each have their compilations, but Worlds of Rage will stay digital only. Here is the series’ original entry:

The first issue of the Worlds of Rage Compilation Series contains Worlds of Rage #1 & Worlds of Rage #2! For the time being, this compilation series will be available exclusively in print at Amazon, and digitally on Kindle. Since it’s an Amazon exclusive, I have also put it on KDP Select, so that Kindle subscribers could read it for free.

The reason I created this new Worlds of Rage Compilation series is the same as the one behind the Rage Compilation series. The printed versions of Worlds of Rage have been created using Amazon Kindle Print-on-demand service. Print-on-demand is a great solution for paperbacks with many pages, but titles like Worlds of Rage just don’t have enough pages for me to put it on sale as a printed book, and my main reason for printing books is to book a table at conventions, so that I could promote Rage more actively. For me to actually make a profit on the printed books I sell when I go to conventions, each book has to have a number of pages of at least 60, so, the only solution was to compile these two issues of each series to make it a a 60-page book.

The good news is that you will have in print this beautiful Serena Cover by Yonami, and that the compilations are the only Rage books available to Kindle subscribers. And if you don’t own Worlds of Rage #1 & Worlds of Rage #2 yet, it will even be cheaper to buy this compilation on Kindle!

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