Fabien Laouer

Fabien Laouer at Bulles en Seyne 2013

Talented French Penciller Fabien Laouer has created the first images of the Tarot of Khain Alhazred, a little card game included in the Rage Card Game section of the iOS App Rage Bane of Demons. This App is no longer on the iTunes Store, but will reappear under another form. Fabien Laouer designed Khain Alhazred, one of the main characters of the Arcana Series in Worlds of Rage, and you can see Fabien’s Art in Worlds of Rage #1.

I am trying to follow the work of all the artists who participated in the Rage project, and it’s not always easy. Luckily, many publishers are updating regularly their Author Pages. Here is a little gallery of what I could find about Fabien Laouer:

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