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Eric Peyron

When asked about the position I hold in the Rage Project, I usually answer that I am the writer and producer of the Rage Website, and of the Rage and Worlds of Rage Series, but that’s not all.  Actually, I am writer, web designer, developer of the Xcode versions of the Rage Apps (OK, there’s no Rage App in the iTunes Store anymore, but I’m working on it), Editor, Publisher and English-to-French Translator. I am also handling the creation, promotion and selling of the books on various supports. And I am the one hosting the Rage Booth in French Comics Conventions and signings. And since I’ve created a Patreon Page, I have begun editing video trailers, too… Actually, I am doing everything save Art and Lettering. No wait! As of Rage #2, I’m officially the Letterer too! And as of Rage #6, I might also be the one doing at least the color flats in the coloring process.

All this and the sales aren’t enough for me to pay the Artists working on the project with the profits. Crowdfunding doesn’t work either, because communication and promotion aren’t my forte. Actually, you know that old joke about publishers promising Artists exposure instead of paying them? Well, with me, it’s the reverse. You’ll be paid, but you’ll have next to no exposure.

All this means that I have a lot of other jobs beside the ones that costs me money, my speciality being English-To-French translations (no, not French-to-English. English-To-French only, as you might have guessed when you spotted all the little mistakes in this text). I began to work on translations projects 20 years ago, and this was a well paid job, at the time. Now, we’re 20 years later, and the translators’ rates have lowered instead of going up. All the while everything else went up, most notably expenses, and translators are asked to do more and more beside translation, the most annoying of it being spending a few hours checking quality control for free. Because Translation Company are so worried to miss something that they now have to control quality control… At some point, I had enough of being underpaid by Translation Companies who treat us mostly like s**t, and started doing menial jobs, which pays more these days than being a translator (and on a salary too, this time).

And what am I doing on week-ends? All of the above. When I’m not working on the next issue of Rage, I’m at Festivals and Conventions, trying to sell the printed versions of my books. I’m also trying to find some time to spend with my family, read a few comics, and watch a few movies, and hey, maybe I’ll spend more time updating this bio, too. Sounds fun!

As the Rage series is on sale at numerous Digital Publishers, there are a few Eric Peyron Author Pages out there, which I try to update as time permits. Here goes:

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