Rage Portfolio 2012

Rage Portfolio 2012

When I launched the very first Rage story, Rage Bane of Demons, this Graphic Novel was digital only, and I wanted it to stay that way. But I had to promote it, and the best way to do this at the time was to be invited to conventions. Problem is I couldn’t go to conventions with nothing but my iPhone or my iPad. So I created the very first Rage Portfolio, which was supposed to give me an excuse to be at conventions: I was here because I had a physical object to sell, instead of trying to promote a digital object. So, I went at the first conventions I was invited to with my iPhone and this portfolio. And believe it or not, I have great memories of these conventions.

A few months later, I finally managed to have an ITIN number, which would allow me to be paid from the US without an additional tax by the US government (on account of some treaty you should look for on the Internet), and with that in hand, I went to Amazon Createspace (an US-based service only, at the time I’m writing these lines) and created a printed version of Rage, which I now sell at conventions. I did the same for all my other books. And the more books I have on sale, the more I sell. So the moral of this story is “If you want to sell a comic story at conventions, sell the book first and the byproducts later”.

That said, the Rage Portfolio 2012 is really one fine piece: It contains 6 color plates painted by Thony Silas in comic book format (17x26cm), and is limited to 500 pieces only. You’ll even have a free password to access the Digital Portfolio Bonus Content of all the Rage Apps on sale in the iTunes Store by Glyphs Productions. Even better: It became the first ever Rage Collector. And it seems it won’t be the last.

This product is mostly sold at conventions with a password to unlock the digital portfolio on the iTunes Rage App, but I also managed to create an entry for it at PriceMinister, and will try to put it on sale at more digital stores.

Here are all the publishers of this issue in alphabetical order! Just hover on each icons to display their names, and click to display the corresponding Page!

Additonal Info

The Rage App available on the iTunes Store features a lot of functionalities, most notably a little Rage Card Game, which unveils a new story happening in the Rage Universe. I programmed this App myself at the time, but it is in need of an update. For now, this App is compatible only with iPhone 4 to 5S, and every iPad model. It hasn’t been tested yet with an iPad pro. Instead of an update, I am going to completely redesign the App in Apple Swift (Apple’s new programming language), but as the reconstruction of this site, it will take time. The Rage Card Game Chapters will be a regular feature of the new Worlds of Rage anthology series, so that those of you who don’t have an Apple device or the App can read it too.

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