Rage #3

The fight against Erasmus’ werewolves begins, in a story written by Eric Peyron, with art & cover by Alex Nascimento, and colors by Dijjo Lima!

A pack of werewolves is attacking our four unlikely heroes, and there’s no silver weapon in sight! Be there as we continue this multi-part action-packed saga, featuring werewolves! A lot of werewolves!

As you’ll surely notice in this issue, Rage is definitely not intended for children. Rage is usually rated 13+, because of some nudity and violence. In this issue, nudity is still sparse, but the scenes are a little more explicit. As for violence, I’ll let you be the judge. I’m still wondering if I should rate Rage 17+, like ComiXology did for the previous issues, but the fact is that I’m not sure anymore what scenes are for 13+ these days. When I was an adolescent in the 80s, horror movies and a few action movies were rated 13+ in France, and what you’ll see in Rage, regarding violence and nudity, is mostly what was shown in these movies at the time, and I wouldn’t like to rate Rage either for adults or so-called mature readers (whatever it means). In doubt, I rated this issue 13+ too, and I’m waiting for readers’ reaction to the printed version at conventions.

This issue is a digital exclusive, and will be sent to select digital publishers. At this number of pages, the unit price of a printed-on-demand 25+ page version of the book at Amazon would be too high, and I wouldn’t make much of a margin. With Amazon’s print-on-demand system, margins begin to be interesting at something like 50 pages, and to make a 50+ page book, I need to compile 2 issues. So those who like to read their books in print, or buy it at festivals and conventions will have to order the compilation at Amazon, and will probably discover issue #3 when issue #4 will be finished in Rage Compilation #2.

Here are all the publishers of this issue in alphabetical order! Just hover on each icons to display their names, and click to display the corresponding Page!

Rage in Public Libraries

Nextory being the provider of its digital library for many public and private organisms in France, most notably Public Libraries, you will find below a list of those who offer this issue, in alphabetical order.

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