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Arcana #1 2022 Cover Digital US

Spinning off from the Rage Series, Arcana #1 is the second edition of Rage Card Game #1, with new Art for the Intro and the first two chapters by Yonami and his team!

This first issue is a story in 6 parts written by Eric Peyron, with pencils & cover by Yonami, inks by Emanuel Braga, and colors by Cesar Edgar & Nino Sempa!

Originally published under the title Rage Card Game #1, then remastered and prepublished in Worlds of Rage (Wow! That sounded complicated!), Arcana #1 marks the debut of a new series entirely dedicated to the Tarot of the Rage Universe.

This first multi-part saga depicts what happened before the Rage Bane of demons Graphic Novel. While High Mage Nicodemus was looking for Rage in Dark God Mountain, four powerful lords were making plans to take over King Kothas’ throne. Discover the uncanny adventures of Ennis, Baron of Mendor, Arlin, Count of Dubrios, Lorne, Count of Orbis, Aldaro, Duke of Calbriga, and Seer Khain Alhazred as they uncover the many mysteries of the Rage Universe…

Arcana is a very special series in that it has been specifically created to be an integral part of the Rage Card Game, a little card game I programmed as an add-on to the Rage Bane of Demons iOS App, at the time it was still available in the iTunes Store. In the 7-page Intro of the story, Khain Alhazred explains to the other characters the rules of his card game, then they each have to play against him. If they manage to combine their own Character card with the right Arcana card, Alhazred will show them a scene from the past, present or future. In the game it translated to the user trying to find the right combination between a character card and an Arcana to unlock the next chapter of the story.

And from the writer’s point of view, it’s been a really interesting experiment. Each chapter had to be 4-5 pages long, because I planned to compile every chapter into a book, and didn’t want it to be too long. Contrary to Rage Bane of demons, which was a pretty straightforward story, I wanted Arcana to feel as much like an enigma as the Tarot of Khain Alhazred, so I ended up telling some kind of “fractioned storyline”. Each chapter is about a scene from the past, present and future, but the story doesn’t have to be linear. The first chapter shows a scene from the distant past. The second one shows a scene with the same characters, but it’s obvious something happened in between the two scenes, that is only hinted at in dialogs. Then, for the third chapter, I break everything up and show a scene from a past even more distant, that will have important repercussions on the story. And so on. Everything will make sense in the end, because in my mind, the story really is linear. I am just choosing which parts I want to show the reader, and let you try to guess what is happening between each chapter. It was kind of a risky story to tell, but people seem to like it, so far, and working this way is a challenge for me, which is what I am looking for as a writer.

The first issue of the Arcana Series contains the chapters of Arcana published in Worlds of Rage #1 to #6! This compilation series will be available exclusively in print at Amazon, and digitally on Kindle. Since it’s an Amazon exclusive, every Rage Compilation issue is also on KDP Select, so that Kindle subscribers could read it for free.

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