Merry Christmas!

Christmas Rage 2019 by Alex Nascimento

Hey guys! It seems it’s that time again! There’s a new Christmas Rage in the Holiday Gallery, by Rage penciler Alex Nascimento, and a few New Year Rage images coming, from Worlds of Rage penciler Stéphane Degardin!

As for the news, Rage #5 and Worlds of Rage #5 are almost finished. The BW pages of Rage #5 have all been drawn by Alex Nascimento, and Dijjo Lima is working on the color pages. All the pages of Worlds of Rage #5 are in the can, and I’m currently lettering it. All that is missing is the cover. Alex Nascimento is right now working on Rage #6, and I’m working Worlds of Rage #6, and the upcoming Rage Game Book. As always, things are slower than I would like. The books are selling better,  but their creation still depends on the amount of money I can spare each month, and the time the artists have on their hands.

As you might have noticed since the release of Rage #2 and Worlds of Rage #1, I am now the letterer of the Rage books (which means more work for me…). For the lettering and the whole production of the book, I am using exclusively Affinity Publisher, Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. In between the creation of the new books, I am transfering all the old versions of the previously ones in Affinity Publisher. Once this is done, I am planning to post a few tutorials and videos about how to create comics using only Affinity software.

And without further ado, here’s the Christmas Gallery! 
Merry Christmas to you all!

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