Rage #2

Rage #2 USIn the second issue of the Rage Series, written by Eric Peyron, with art & cover by Alex Nascimento, and colors by Stéphane Degardin, our usual team of idiots have been sent on a mission by Kothas, King of Arthkan. What mission? Nicodemus won’t tell them yet, but you can be sure their trip will be anything but quiet! Be there as we begin a multi-part action-packed saga, featuring werewolves! A lot of werewolves!

This issue will be sent to select digital publishers, and every publisher working with Trajectory. Each publisher will be added to this page as soon as the book is available in their store. As for the other two Rage books, you will have to be patient. I am trying to find more publishers for the Rage Books (especially for the first one, which I want to be everywhere), and Trajectory is adding more and more publishers to their list, and I am also regularly looking for the Rage pages at these publishers. I managed to list as many publishers as I could, but a few of them are still missing.

For the two other Rage Books, I used to create a press release and send it to every comic book website or magazine I knew. To no avail. Almost no one cared to write about the Rage Graphic Novel or Rage #1, in good or bad. And it’s not because they don’t like the books. These days, when you don’t like something, you tend to write about it in your blog. Then people click your link, and your potential for earning money increases with each newcomer. Because what you didn’t like was Star Wars 9, the “Hail Hydra” version of Captain America, Batman vs Superman or other high profile products. You might even find yourself on this page because these keywords appeared in a search result… With this new face of journalism, press releases from little publishers like me seem pretty useless. So, no press release for this book. For promotion, I’ll use only the Rage Website, facebook, twitter and a few other social networks. I’ll send the book to people who already wrote about the previous ones, in case they want to talk about it, but that will be pretty much it. The sales are a little better these days, so I know more and more people are buying Rage, promotion or not. I’ll let things build from there.

Additonal Info

The Amazon button above will lead you to this issue’s Page at Amazon UK, but if you don’t live in the UK, you can order it at the Amazon Store of most countries. Here are the links so far: Amazon AUAmazon BRAmazon CAAmazon DEAmazon ESAmazon FRAmazon INAmazon ITAmazon JPAmazon MXAmazon NLAmazon UKAmazon US.

Rage in Public Libraries

The digital edition of this issue is also available in select public libraries. You will find below a list of these libraries, in alphabetical order.

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