New Rage Books!


Hey guys! No news for 6 months, and now 3 issues at once! I’m sincerely sorry for the lack of communication (especially for me, since I’m the one who needs to communicate), but we all have been very busy this year. And here is the result! Worlds of Rage #2 & #3 have been finalized, as well as Rage #3, and Rage #4 is in production, with 17 Black & White pages and 6 color pages already finished. All these books will be digital only, and are being submitted right now, beginning with Worlds of Rage #2! This time, there’ll be less digital publishers than for the latest issues. No Kindle versions for example, since I need every digital version to have the same price. Each issue of Worlds of Rage needs to be $0.99 only, and each issue of Rage needs to be $1.99 only. This limits the number of digital publishers, but you can always count on ComiXology, HTDC Comics, and a many others! So follow the books’ files for digital publishers updates!

As for printed versions, Amazon still seems the best option, but only for books with a minimum number of pages, which is why I will be selling compilations of Rage and Worlds of Rage exclusively at Amazon. The first printed version is Rage Compilation #1, featuring Rage #1 & #2, the next one will be Worlds of Rage Compilation #1, featuring Worlds of Rage #1 & #2, and these versions will both be Kindle exclusives. Which means you will even be able to read it on Kindle Unlimited if you’re a subscriber.

OK, I have a lot to update on this site, files to creates at digital publishers, dialogs to place on the Rage #4 pages, a comics festival to go to… and work to do to pay for all this, so I’ll be back in a few days with more news about Rage #4, Worlds of Rage #4, and maybe a few other surprises.


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