Merry Christmas!

2016-12 Christmas Rage by Alex Nascimento US

Hey guys! It seems it’s that time again! There’s a new Christmas Rage in the Holiday Gallery, this time by Rage #2 penciler Alex Nascimento! You’ve seen Alex’s Art on the cover of Rage #1, and he has entirely penciled and inked Rage #2, and as you’ll see, the results are impressive!

The Rage Website is still in beta, since I don’t have much time on my hands between the production of the Rage books and my “real work” (which allows me to pay for the artists), and I expect the site to be fully operational in a few months. The site still needs more images and links, and more pages of course, but it’s beginning to look cool.

Rage #2 and Worlds of Rage #1 have been sent to almost every digital publisher I know. As always, the first to have validated it are Amazon Kindle. The printed Amazon Createspace versions take a little more time to produce, mostly because I have to wait for the printed proofs, which are shipped to France from the USA (and sometimes, these proofs aren’t right the first time, so I have to order other proofs, wait for them to arrive, etc.). I expect these printed versions to be available in a month or so. The ComiXology version should be available soon, and I’ll communicate more about each book as soon as they are on sale at ComiXology.

As you’ll see in Rage #2 and in the Serena Chapter of Worlds of Rage #1, I am now the letterer of the Rage books (which means more work for me…). For the lettering and the whole production of the book, I am using exclusively Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. Hopefully, the next books will be done in Affinity Studio, which will save me a lot of hassle. When Studio and the Rage Website will both be out of beta , I am planning to post some tutorials and videos about how to create comics using only Affinity software.

So what’s next? Worlds of Rage #2 is in production. The pages of the next Serena Chapter are being done right now, and this issue will also feature an original story by Stéphane Degardin. You’ll also discover Chapter 2 of Arcana, penciled by Yonami, and inked and colored by… I’m not sure yet, but you’ll be first to know! Rage #3 will begin production in January, as soon as I finish writing the script. I’ll keep you all posted.

And without further ados, here is the Christmas Gallery! 
Merry Christmas to you all!

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