Rage at the Hero Festival!

Hero Festival 2016

Hero Festival 2016

I’m still updating the site, but let’s go to the most important news first: I will be signing the Rage books at the Hero festival this week-end! For those who don’t know this pretty exciting french convention in Marseille, click here, and if you want to know more about the French Geek Movement, who invited me this year, click here!

As for the site news, I have translated every post, and will begin to translate the existing pages as soon as their english version is finished. The site is going to look pretty basic for the time being, because, I need to install and customize a new theme to make it look better. And first, I have to finish adding and translating every page. As always be patient, I haven’t a lot of time on my hand.

This kind of new should be automatically linked to my social network pages, so I think I’m going to work on this tomorrow.

Update: If I have it right, this news should be posted on both Twitter & Facebook from the still-in-production Rage Website.

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