Rage Website on WordPress (Beta Version)

OK, let’s try again! I am going to completely rebuild the Rage Website using Wordpress tools, with two Websites and a regular backup. This version will be the official version, and the WordPress.com version will be the one used in case of a crash (which means both version will be maintained regularly).

So: For those who want to know what the Rage Website is about, and why it’s in this state, connect to the secondary site at https://ragewebsite.wordpress.com.

Meanwhile, I’ll be rebuilding this version of the site. With the time I have on my hands, it will be long, but I’m going to make it look good.

But since I’m still beta-testing the site, let’s try the first phase: I’m going to backup the whole site (meaning this single page), then restore it, to check how things work.

Wish me luck

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