About me


When asked about the position I hold in the Rage Project, I usually answer that I am the writer and producer of the Rage Website, and of the Rage Series But that’s not all.  Actually, I am writer, web designer (well not so much, now that I’m on WordPress, but I have to manage the site, so…), developer of the Xcode versions of the Rage Apps, Editor, Publisher and English-to-French Translator. I am also handling the creation, the promotion and the selling of the books on various supports. And I am also the one hosting the Rage Booth in French Comics Conventions and signings. And since I’m on Patreon, I have begun editing video trailers, too… Actually, I am doing everything save Art and Lettering. No wait! As of Rage #2, I’m officially the books’ letterer too!

As the Rage series is on sale at numerous Digital Publishers, there are a few Eric Peyron Author Pages out there, which I try to update as time permits. Here goes:

Update: Added the App Store Author Page to the new About me page (yes this site is still in Beta. Please, be patient)

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