About me


When asked about the position I hold in the Rage Project, I usually answer that I am the writer and producer of the Rage Website, and of the Rage Series. But that’s not all.  Actually, I am writer, web designer (well not so much, now that I’m on WordPress, but I have to manage the site, so…), developer of the Xcode versions of the Rage Apps (OK, there’s no Rage App in the ITunes Store anymore. But I’m working on it), Editor, Publisher and English-to-French Translator. I am also handling the creation, promotion and selling of the books on various supports. And I am also the one hosting the Rage Booth in French Comics Conventions and signings. And since I’m on Patreon, I have begun editing video trailers, too… Actually, I am doing everything save Art and Lettering. No wait! As of Rage #2, I’m officially the books’ letterer too!

As the Rage series is on sale at numerous Digital Publishers, there are a few Eric Peyron Author Pages out there, which I try to update as time permits. Here goes:

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