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Welcome in the Making-of section, showcasing galleries of images drawn by Thony Silas while he was working on Rage's first graphic novel, and by Alan Quah while we are working on the Rage Series, as well as a few surprises!

Click each title to display the corresponding gallery. The most confortable way to read is to use the arrow keys to go back and forth in the page, then use the Esc key to quit the viewer. You can also use the page controls to navigate in the gallery. The center button activates a diaporama.


Rage: Bane of Demons
You can check the very first six pages of the Rage, Bane of Demons Graphic Novel. Script is by me, Art is by Thony Silas, and letters are by Steve Wands. Fonts are by Comicraft and Blambot. Click the title to acces the Book section, then click left or right to turn pages. Enjoy!


Character Design
Click the image to acces the Gallery of the artworks Thony & Alan sent me while working on Rage’s Character Design. The Character Design gallery showcases different versions of the characters. Basically, the Character Design process is quite simple : For the first graphic novel, I send Thony detailled descriptions of each character that I feel need to be designed (mostly the main characters, but I also added some supporting characters). Thony then sent me some roughs and I send him back comments. Even more simple with Alan, since the characters had already been designed by Thony. All I asked Alan was his interpretation of the characters with his own style.


Click the image to check the panels of Rage’s first graphic novel. The Panels gallery showcases different versions of the pages in numerical order. Like the Character Design process, I send the penciller detailled description of the pages, panel by panel for the first story (you will find a sample in the Script section), and page by page for the second story. Afterwards, the penciler sends me very loose pencils of the pages, so that I could check if everything is right, and I send him back comments.

As you will see if you compare the script with the panels of the first Graphic Novel, Thony has added more pages so as to have more space to tell the story, which is fine with me as long as the flow of the story is respected (and I don’t know how I would have been able to cram all of the dialogs in each page if he had followed my page numbering).

For each page, I have included the roughs version (that the penciler sends me for approbation), the penciled page and the colored page (with dialogs placeholders as bonuses).


Want to support Rage? No problem! Click the image to access the Ads Gallery, featuring all you can put on T-Shirts, stickers, cards and other supports. Download the Ads by clicking the buttons on top of the gallery! Use the material in the gallery along with Rage illustrations by Thony Silas to create your own Rage Ad (and don’t forget to add the address)! If you need material in higher res or anything else, just ask. You can send your artworks at this address.


Rage: The Series
Drawn by future Comics Superstar Alan Quah, Rage, The Series is in production right now! More news about this new project very soon!


Rage Card Game: The Tarot of Khain Alhazred
Drawn by Fabien Laouer, André Siregar, Bambang Irawan & Yusuf Idris, Rage Card Game: The Tarot of Khain Alhazerd is available in the Rage - Bane of Demons App on the iTunes Store at this address! Click the title to access the Tarot cards gallery!


Rage Card Game: The Story
Drawn by the very promising penciler Yonami and colored by Nino Sempa, The Rage Card Game comic is available in the Rage - Bane of Demons App on the iTunes Store at this address! Click the title to access the Rage Card Game Story Gallery!



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