RageCoverUSThe Rage Website began its life in November 2008 as an online self-publishing comic book project. My main goal being to find a penciler, I put online the first part of the Rage, Bane of Demons, script, with scenes descriptions and dialogs, and a description of a few characters of the story. Any artist willing to participate in the project was invited to send me his interpretation of these first few pages of script and of the characters, and every artist who would send me sketches and tryouts would have his work published in the galleries of the site. After a beta-test period, the site went public in December… and to my surprise, a lot of pencilers were more than happy to send me sketches for the galleries!

I have been pleasantly surprised to (re)discover the Art of Marcel Morote, Stéphane Degardin, Shannon Sapenter and Okii Shirow, to name just a few. MiRagE and Chriss’ willingness to help actually helped me keep the site alive for a long time. Without MiRagE, who sent me one of my first colored Rage drawing, Rage would not have had a face for a lot longer! So thanks to everyone who have been kind enough to participate in the project. You have all been great and I won’t forget any of you!

A year afterward, Rage finally found his first penciller. His name is Thony Silas, and he is so good I just had to update the whole Rage Website with his first sketches of the Rage characters! Rage Website then became Rage Website 2.0, the Official Website of the Making of Rage, Bane of Demons, with a new design, new galleries, and the first pages of the Graphic Novel.

Nearly three years after the creation of the Rage Website, the first Rage, Bane of Demons digital graphic novel is at last finished. The site has been redesigned again, with the addition of a Preview section, the different Rage Apps for iPhone and iPad are on sale in Apple's App Store, and more and more digital publishers are willing to publish Rage in their own digital libraries. And there's more to come!

Since then, Thony Silas has been working at Marvel; His first work was Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth, he has been one of the regular pencilers of Venom and Daredevil: Dark Nights. At the time I am writing these lines, Thony is working on Batman Beyond 2.0 for DC. Alan Quah has decided to join the party, and is going to be Rage's new penciler. Alan is currently working on the first issue of the Rage Series. So far, he has also been working on Vampire Diaries for DC and on the Godzilla 2014 movie adaptation for Legendary Comics.

A digital card game is also available in the Rage - Bane of Demons App, with Brazilian penciler Yonami, french penciler Fabien Laouer, digital artist Stéphane Degardin, and a lot of other artists.

And I have of course begun to showcase the book at Conventions. As I live in France, you won't find me in many International Conventions just yet, but for those who like to keep tracks, I have included a Conventions Calendar here. For the US version of the site, it is showcasing only French International Conventions, but from here, you can click the Fench Conventions button to check all the French Conventions I have ever been to.

Remember you can still send sketches or your interpretation of the characters and panels for publication in the galleries. Every illustrator who sends me sketches will have a space in the galleries and an entry in the Artists Section. If the project is successful, a lot of things are going to become possible, and I will need artists of all levels.

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!
Eric Peyron

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