Before becoming the Official Making-of-Rage website, Rage Website was dedicated to my search for a penciler. A lot of artists have sent me tryouts, hoping to become Rage’s penciler or simply to be published in one of the galleries. At the time, I included comments about their sketches right under the artwork in the gallery. You can find all the images they sent me in the Artists Gallery, but I thought they all deserved a special page, so here it is! Artists are listed in alphabetical order.

Click any of the names to access the Artists Gallery, showcasing studies from every artist who has at one time participated in the Rage Project. You can send your artworks at this address.


Alan Quah
Alan Quah is slated to be the artist of Rage, The Series, and from what I have seen, it seems he was born to draw Heroic Fantasy stories!
You can find out more about him by browsing this site of course, and by clicking his DeviantART link.


Angélique Joao
Angélique is a painter who was willing to give a try at comic books. Her rendition of Queen Gelda has stayed for long in the first place in the Tryouts gallery. For more info about Angélique (and even more of her Art), go to this site.


Azn Porkepik
As I wandered in the Paris Comic Con' 2012, I saw all these guys and gals with Free Hugs Panels. So I thought it would be a cool idea to create some "Rage Free Hugs" panel for the Rage Website. So I asked Azn Porkepik to create one for me. The result is in the Promo Gallery. For more info about Azn Porkepik (and more sketches!), go to this site.


Excellent with colors and a promising penciler, Chriss currently works on his new project, Aletheia. For more info about Chriss (and more sketches!), go to this site.


Elton Thomasi
Excellent inker and a promising painter, Elton has assisted Thony for the creation of the first Rage, Bane of Demons Graphic Novel. For more info about Elton (and more sketches!), click his DeviantART link.


Fabien Laouer
Talented french penciler Fabien Laouer has been assigned the task of creating the first images of Khain Alhazred's Tarot for the Card Game part of the Rage - Bane of Demons App. You can check his wokr in the Rage Card Game Gallery and in Illustrarium.


Franck Lebas
From time to time, in a fit of egocentrism, I google my name followed by "Rage Web Site" or "Rage website". Just to check if someone is talking about my site. And the first time I did this, I discovered… that someone did! For real! And all I did at the time was looking for a penciler! That's how I discovered the Lézard graphique blog. Too bad this blog has since disappeared! Thanks, Franck!


Grégory Floch
Grégory Floch is the first artist to tackle directly Rage's panels, and one of the few to have drawn Rage right away. Curiously, Rage seemed to intimidate most of the other artists, who seemed to prefer drawing the other characters. For more info about Grégory (and more sketches!) go to Le Blog de Grégory Floch.


Khain is a digital artist who began his career soon after the launch of the Rage Website. His paintings have since been seen in a few places in Toulon and La Seyne. For more info about Khain (and more sketches!) connect to Art’s.Kan.


Loïc Canuel
Loïc Canuel is the penciler with whom I began the Rage graphic novel, nearly twenty years ago, and he is one of the best designers I know! Loïc has drawn three characters studies… before changing his mind and working on something else.
For more info about Loïc… huh… well, if you know where he is, contact me…


Marcel Morote
Now, that was a pleasant surprise! The first time a real profesional actually wrote me to ask if he could participate in the project! And only a few months after the site's launch! It's e-mails like this that made me believe in my project. Thanks Marcel:) For more info about Marcel, connect to his BD Gest’ file.


One of the most enthusiastics of Rage's artists, MiRagE is also the one who helped the most. His color version of Rage which at the time was the closest to what I had in mind, has decorated the Home page for a long time. Thanks MiRagE:) For more info about Mirage (and more sketches!) connect to MiRagE Arts


Okii Shirow
Okii is the first penciler to have drawn cartoon versions of the Rage characters! And he did it professionally too! I love what he did with Torg! For more info about Okii (and more sketches!), click his DeviantART link.


Some time after my first post to the forum, I have had the pleasant surprise to find two drawings of my characters in an answer to the post. These have been the very first illustrations to be displayed in the galleries! Thanks Relg!


Shannon Sapenter
Shannon is one of the most talented penciler of the Rage Website. He nailed Rage right the first time, as well as the mood of the story… and then he disappeared! For more info about Shannon (and more sketches!), click his DeviantART link.


Stéphane Degardin
I have worked with Stéphane years ago on at least three projects. And Rage has inspired him! His versions of Mark and Nicodemus are totally great! I couldn't let this occasion pass. Stéphane is one of the colorists of the Rage Card Game Tarot Cards, and is now the penciler of the new Rage Strips Series Curse of The Panthermen.


Thony Silas
Brazilian painter Thony Silas is the artist of the Rage - Bane of Demons Graphic Novel. You can find out more about him by browsing this site of course (or even by buying one of the digital versions of the book in the Rage Webstore
), or by connecting to his blog (in portuguese). Thony is now the penciler of Marvel's Venom and DC's Batman Beyond.


Wamberto Nicomedes
Illustrator and comic book writer, Wamberto actually helped Thony with the colors of Rage's first graphic novel. His renditions of Rage and Nicodemus are great! And I have to say having Nicodemus sketches drawn by a guy whose name is Nicomedes is… very special. For more info about Wamberto (and more sketches!), connect to his blog.


Yonami & Nino Sempa
Very promising Illustrators of the Rage Card Game comics and character cards! Yonami is the penciler and Nino Sempa is on colors. You can check Yonami's Rage sketches in the Tryouts Gallery and Yonami & Nino's work on the Rage Card Game in the Rage Card Game Story Gallery. For more info about Yonami & Nino Sempa (and more sketches!), click their DeviantArt Links. Here
for Yonami, and here for Nino Sempa.


Andre Siregar, Bambang Irawan & Yusuf Idris
Yusuf Idris has been the layout penciller for a few tarot cards of the Rage Card Game! Andre Siregar has taken over after him and Bambang Irawan is on colors. Want to know more about these artists? Check their entries and in the Glasshouse Graphics Website!

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