April 11, 2012


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• News about the Rage Apps :

Some of you might have noticed that the new french apps and updates have been available in the iTunes Store for more than two weeks while the english versions still haven't been updated. For those who would like to know why, here is the explanation: I have submitted all the updates at the same time to Apple for review, Apple having to review every apps and updates before allowing these apps to be on sale in the iTunes Store. So one week later (which is the usual delay, since there are more and more Apps submitted to Apple), the french apps are all validated and on sale in the iTunes Store, but not the english Apps. And two days afterwards, I get this for the english Apps :

"Binary Rejected Mar 26, 2012 09:43 AM
Reasons for Rejection:
2.21: Apps that are simply a song or movie should be submitted to the iTunes store. Apps that are simply a book should be submitted to the iBookstore"

So, I filed an appeal, asking Apple why the english Apps were deemed as books and not the french Apps. What was even stranger was that the updates had been rejected too, while their older versions were still on sale in the iTunes Store. And yesterday, Apple phoned me (yes, after an appeal, they actually phone you) to give me an answer: I was right about the mistake part. Their allowing my Apps in the iTunes Store in the first place is the mistake, so it's still "No" for the English updates, and everything stays as it is for now. At some point, I will probably get a notice that my Apps are going to be erased from the store, unless I submit an update with some interactivity features that couldn't be reproduced in ePub, which means no use adding audio, nor video (easy to add to an ePub file), nor even animated features or some turbomedia interactivity (even easier to add: programmatically, it's just like turning pages).

What couldn't be reproduced in an ePub file are conditional instructions. For now, the only changes I could think of that would involve such features would be to either merge the iPhone and iPad versions, so that the App displays either the iPad version or the iPhone version depending on the device, or merge the French and English versions, and create some elaborate feature to alternate between the two. Or merge everything in one huge app. The only trouble would be the file size, but well…

All this to tell those of you who would like to develop books as an App for sale in the iTunes Store, not to take anything for granted after your app has been validated. Even if you just post a maintenance update afterwards, there's always a chance that your update will get rejected. Note that you could also try not to post any update at all and try to stay low under the radar, but in the long term, it's not a viable solution. Resubmitting the apps instead of filing an appeal seems like an idea too, since all of this validation thing seems very subjective, but it's not an option I will take.

So, I'm going to test some interactivity options and see if the updates are validated. If all goes well, the updates might be available in a week or so. Or not. In the meantime, if you have ideas about other features I could add to the apps that couldn't be reproduced in ePub, don't hesitate to write me at this address.

OK, bad news are over. Now, on to the good news!

• As I told you in some other Rage News, I am going use the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank crowdfunding website to try to raise funds for the production of Rage - The Series (as soon as its interface is translated in english), but I am also going use Mutuzz, another crowdfunding website, to raise the funds for the printing of the Rage - Bane of Demons Graphic Novel. For now, I have created a project page only for the printing of the french version, but as soon as Mutuzz gets an english interface, I will create a new one for the printing of the english version too. You can check the project page of the french version right now at this address, and even create an account right away if you want to pledge or support this project too.

Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earths is on preorder, and it's drawn by Thony Silas. So if you want to follow what Thony has been working on after he finished Rage, this is your chance!

• The galleries have been updated with new Alan Quah images. The first 9 pages will be available in B&W once the KKBB project page is done, so that everyone can check what they will pledge for. For now, you have all the roughs, and the first version of the dialogs (which means the dialogs haven't been reviewed yet. Text placement is still temporary and my english sounds kind of strange, in a few places).

• Last, but not least, the french comics magazine Scarce has dedicated one whole page to Rage - Bane of Demons and the Rage Webiste! The article will be in issue 78.


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