Rage, Bane of Demons

rage-cover-usRage, Bane of Demons is the very first 63-Page Rage Graphic Novel, written by Eric Peyron, and entirely painted in aqua colors by Thony Silas.

The Rage Graphic Novel could be considered Rage #0. It was actually to conceived to be a series of 60+ pages french graphic novels, but when I set out to publish it myself, I decided to make it a series of comics, kind of like Marvel’s New Mutants for example, which began as a Graphic Novel too.

The story of Rage is set in the European kingdom of Arthkan being invaded by demons. In order to fight this invasion, High Mage Nicodemus sets out to free Rage, the legendary Bane of Demons, created by the Gods to destroy them 10,000 years ago. But Nicodemus knows that Rage might become uncontrollable and kill humans too, so he links Rage magically to himself to keep in on a leash, so to speak. Once Rage is freed, his first stop is the Fortress of Kahel, which has been taken by Master Demon Torg. Ariane, one of the daughters of Kothas, king of Arthkan, will accompany him and they will meet Tuk along the way. Will these four unlikely heroes manage to free the fortress or destroy it? Or both? You will have to read Rage, Bane of Demons to find out. And you’re in luck, because I actually managed to publish it just about everywhere digital comics are sold!

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Additonal Info

The Amazon button above will lead you to the book’s page at Amazon US, but if you don’t live in the US, you can order it at the Amazon Store of your country. The Kindle version is offered for free to every buyer of the printed version on Amazon! Here are the links so far: Amazon CAAmazon DEAmazon ESAmazon FRAmazon INAmazon ITAmazon UKAmazon US.

Of course, if Rage is in print at Amazon, it’s on the Kindle too! You can find the digital version of Rage Bane of Demons at the Amazon Store of your country. Here are the links so far: Amazon AUAmazon BRAmazon CAAmazon DEAmazon ESAmazon FRAmazon INAmazon ITAmazon JPAmazon MXAmazon NLAmazon UKAmazon US.

Rage in Public Libraries

The digital edition of this issue is also available in select public libraries. You will find below a list of these libraries, in alphabetical order.

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